Unforgettable Swiss Memories

Adeline Mu

25 April 2020

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Unforgettable Swiss Memories

A Belle Epoque Voyage across Swiss Alpines

Switzerland never fails to inspire traveller with its drop-dead gorgeous alpines, azure lake, gastronomy, urban art and diverse cultures. The Swiss Train Pass works for every mode of public transportation includes trains, buses, and boats. Hence, we reckon taking the train for views of Swiss of famous alpine and lake regions. Hiking the Haute Route of Aletsch Glacier offers more than just postcard views of picturesque countryside. Immerse yourself in cultural fairs, flag-waving and culinary in the charming metropolises and lakeside village. Bon Voyage!

The old paddle steamboat experience from Lake Lucerne to Flüelen is fabulous. The train journey from Flüelen to Milan was magical, winding across world-famous Gotthard Base Tunnel up to the hill-top passing breathtaking landscape and down to Bellinzona town. Its no wonder Switzerland is dubbed “The Little Heaven on Earth”, it is postcard-perfect vistas in every turn.


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We head to Zurich HB via Lyria Train from Paris, unwind with a cuppa and enjoy 4-hours of breathtaking backdrops along the French countryside en route Swiss Alpine. Trains depart regularly from Zurich station to the town of Appenzell via the city of Gossau to Appenzell.


Explore The Bucolic Cheese & Beer Town

The scenic train route takes about 2 hours from Zurich to Appenzell. There you will switch to the little red train in Goussau. The train chugs its way along the majestic snow-capped mountains, picturesque mountain town & frosty pine-forests through the countryside to the village of Appenzell.




The Appenzeller is known for their quirky sense of humour and old-fashioned costumes. Don’t be surprised If you see a farmer walking barefoot with an earring dangling from one ear. The best way to enjoy Appenzell is strolling along the street or cycling around town.



Appenzell is a tiny kingdom of fountain-adorned squares, narrow cobblestone streets and classic timber houses with colourful facades and rural mountain road in the Alpstein. We enjoyed the sense of tranquillity and experienced diversity in Swiss culture.




After lunch, we explored the bucolic rural town and got lost in the narrow alleys along the main square of Landsgemeinderplatz. We admired the beautiful facades painted on Bazaar Herscher, Löwen Pharmacy, Appenzell Rathaus and St Maurice Catholic Church. We discover a secluded place for a perfect view is a small bridge across the Sitter River leading to the town cemetery.

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Appenzell countryside walks

We kicked off a beautiful morning watching the sun-rise and cooked a hearty breakfast at our B&B in Appenzell. The weather was nice with bright blue skies and crisp air after a night of snowfall, we saw some remnants of snow on the rooftop of timber houses and plateau.


The weather was perfect, and we encountered some mountain cattle grazing over the rolling green hill. We left our footprints and captured some postcard shots within the beautiful countryside in Appenzell.



When people mention Appenzell, you usually get the response: “Like the cheese?” Appenzell is a cheese and beer town, your trip to Appenzell is not complete without having a taste of either.


A journey above the cloud to Jungfraujoch & Interlaken

The train route from our B&B in Ermensee to Interlaken took about 2-hours, we passed through scenic landscapes of lake villages, crystal clear river and the magnificent Swiss Alps. We admire the endless changing backdrop from the window, the little timber houses dotted on the shore of lakes within the frosty Swiss Alps are bewitching beyond belief.



Our first leg is the snow-capped mountains of Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe. We board the cogwheel train in Grindelwald for a spectacular ride via Kleine Scheidegg, once at the top of Jungfraujoch, we immerse in the High-Alpine wonderland of ice, snow and gravel.



The journey to Jungfraujoch involves a half-day trip from Interlaken, but trust me when I say it is definitely worthwhile. The majestic alpines playground is “UNBELIEVABLE”. The views along the first part of the route just stunning. The Jungfrau Railway stops twice on the way up the alpines. You can disembark unto a playground of ice and snow or get a glimpse through windows.




Just a short walk from Lauterbrunnen train station, you will reach Staubbach Falls, a remarkable landmark of Lauterbrunnen. A hike through a scenic trail to the waterfalls will lead you to Lauterbrunnen village, its looks straight out of a fairy-tale. The idyllic valley, towering alpines, Swiss timber houses and colourful meadows with blooming alpine flowers will absolutely make you fall in love with this charming village.

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What’s next? It’s shopping time! Höheweg literally means “high boulevard“ translates to Swiss German. This 700-metre shopping street is spanning along the promenade between the Interlaken Ost and West stations. The Höheweg promenade is the central place that boasts a majestic backdrop of the Jungfrau. There are a variety of restaurants and local stores selling Swiss products. Spend some time mingling with the Swiss locals.




The Gotthard Tunnel Express

The Gotthard Tunnel Express is a scenic panoramic route which comprises both boat and train. It brought us to the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. We board the old paddle steamboat from Lucerne, the ship passed historical landmarks and picturesque villages toward Flüelen. We admire the stunning view of the Lake Lucerne as we indulge in delicious Swiss cuisines.




The boat journey takes about 3 hours from Lucerne to Flüelen, we continued our journey by train to Bellinzona. It’s the most beautiful stretch of the Gotthard Tunnel Express, and ride on the world-famous Gotthard Line. The train passed through many spiral tunnels, ranging from 200m to 1,100m, headed through the famous Gotthard Base Tunnel.



The train goes all the way up the Swiss hill-top train station, Ariolo. Airolo is the highest station on the Swiss Federal Railways network. The narrow valley of Airolo leads to the broader plain of Ambri-Pitta from north to south. We admired the stunning vista of Swiss Alpines, lakeside towns and frosty pine-forests from the window of the Swiss train.




After the Riviera Valley, the three imposing castles of Bellinzona prevails itself. Oozing with medieval charm and traditional setting, we lost in time in this medieval time warp as we wander around the old town of Bellinzona and overnight in Bellinzona. After breakfast, we continue our train journey toward Milan Central Station.

Well, I bet you start dreaming on a Swiss holiday. Everyone loves Switzerland, join our Swiss Free & Easy Tour to get lost in this little heaven on earth. We got you covered!


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