FOLO-The 5-star local origin food in your neigbourhood

Adeline Mu

05 January 2021

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FOLO-The 5-star local origin food in your neigbourhood

FOLO (Food of Local Origin) is a home-grown brand that serves authentic roasted, braised, noodles and many other local delicacies. The boss has painstakingly invested plenty of time and effort in experimenting with traditional recipes, resulting in the classic local taste and tangy meaty texture of the dishes. FOLO serves all kinds of delicious roasted meat, braised duck, Kway Chup, noodles, fish soup and rice. We induced a special home-made sauce that contains lots of different ingredients & spices. There are various local specialities from The Signature Dry Noodle, Wanton Noodle, Herbal Roasted Duck, Trio Platter to the cooling Cincau-Susu drinks and many more. I just named a few, come and taste yourself, the food served in Generous portions at affordable prices!

If you fancy Wanton Mee, you must try this! Chow down a bowl of bouncy and springy Wanton Mee tossed in a homemade fragrant sauce, served with three huge wanton and charcoal-roasted Char Siew with a slight char that complemented its sweet flavour. The Star of this classic Wanton Mee is the home-made tasty wanton, it’s carefully prepared with special spice and wrapped by hand every day. The wanton skin was silky and had just the right thickness, while the minced pork filling retained its meaty texture (lean to fat ratio) and white turnip and carrot added for a springy bite. This is absolutely the best Wanton Mee in town.

I am not a meat-lover but I favour the FOLO’s signature Dry Noodle & Herbal Roasted Duck. The Dry noodle served with fried fish, pork meatball, huge shrimp dumpling, char siew, fried wanton, mushroom & egg and each plate is flavoured with sweet-savoury gravy. It’s sound heavenly delicious. The FOLO’s Herbal Roasted Duck is mouth-watering, its served with tofu, preserved vegetables and lava egg. When I sink my teeth into the chunky ducky and the mix of the TANGY & JUICY, and the deliciousness burst in my mouth. All the savoury flavour kept while smoked with fragrant tea leaves and roasted to perfection. It’s simply appetizing & irresistible!

The prices are reasonable compared to similar places and just as good, if not better!  Where can you find the delicious authentic local food in your neighbourhood? Drop by to any of FOLO outlets today & enjoy good local food!

Rating: 5-star

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