Where It All


The first time I saw extraordinary pictures of Tibet on the Internet 18 years ago, I began to love both photography and travel.


Photography to me encapsulated the perfection of a beautiful scene. We can remember every detail of where we have been from a single image. Our memory may lose its sharpness over time, but a single image brings everything back.


Travel was the way to understand the world as a young person. I felt I had so much to learn outside the classroom even as a young girl. When we feel that all countries have their moments of greatness just waiting to be discovered, life becomes more exciting when our next trip is already planned.


I started taking pictures on a small camera shortly after. Tibet began a goal in my life those many years ago, gradually buying a DSLR from savings on my salary in a construction company. In 2015, after 14 years, I finally could visit Tibet and it was as beautiful as I remembered from the pictures. The sky was eggshell blue like a snap of exquisite silk.


In 2016, to share my joy and skill of capturing the happiness of travel, I began to lead tours with photography to some of the most beautiful places in the world. When people are there in the moment, they are naturally radiant.


As an experience photographer, I am fulfilling my dreams of seeing the finest places in the world on my own terms. You can too. Let me put both of you together.


Director of The Wandering Lens Pte Ltd
a licensed travel agency in Singapore